Getting to Know AutoCAD

Getting to Know AutoCAD: Keyboard Shortcuts

This video covers all the different keyboard shortcuts found in AutoCAD, enabling you to work smarter and faster.

To print a list of all keyboard shortcuts:

Open AutoCAD > "Start Drawing"
Click Manage > Customization> User Interface (CUI).
In the left hand side of the window, click "Keyboard Shortcuts"
Click "Print" on the right

To add keyboard shortcuts:

Open AutoCAD > "Start Drawing"
Click Manage > Customization> User Interface (CUI).
In the left hand side of the window, click "Keyboard Shortcuts"
Locate the desired command in the command list and drag it into the Keyboard Shortcut box
Set the desired keyboard shortcut

Getting to Know AutoCAD: Autosave

This video offers a brief overview of how you can set your autosave time in AutoCAD. 

Autosave settings in AutoCAD:

Type the "SAVETIME" command on the command line in AutoCAD
Enter the desired value, confirm the value with the Enter key

Getting to Know AutoCAD: Quick Access Toolbar

This video shows you how you can place your most frequently used tools on the quick access toolbar.

The simplest way to do this is as follows:

Click on the small drop-down menu at the top of the menu.
Select or deselect the commands you want to have quick access.

To add more commands click on "More Commands" and simply drag the desired command into the menu bar.


To add a command even faster, simply right-click on it and select "Add to Quick Access Toolbox" .

You can also remove commands by right clicking on them.

Getting to Know AutoCAD: Zoom Command

This video offers a brief overview of the different ways in which you can use the zoom command in AutoCAD.

Getting to Know AutoCAD: Shared Views

It's easy to share your design with "Shared Views". "Shared Views" allow you to share a drawing without having to distribute the original DWG file. They share an online link, which can be opened and commented on any browser on practically any internet connected device. View the video below to discover more!

To create a "Shared View" follow these easy steps:

Select "Shared Views " in the "Collaborate" tab
Click on "Shared View "
Choose a name for your shared view and choose the information that you wish to share
Finish the dialog by clicking on "Share"
After uploading, you will receive an e-mail with the link to share the view, but you can also view it in AutoCAD under your Shared Views.

Note:  Shared views are valid for 30 days, but you can cancel and / or renew them at any time.

Getting to Know AutoCAD: Isolate Objects

For a better overview when editing drawings AutoCAD provides the ability to isolate certain objects and temporarily hide all other objects from the drawing. Use the right mouse click menu or the command "ISOLATEOBJECTS" . To show the hidden objects again, just click the right mouse button or enter the command "UNISOLATEOBJECTS".

Bonus Tip:

An alternative to "ISOLATEOBJECTS " is the command "HIDEOBJECTS" . This is also accessible via the right mouse button.

Extra Bonus Tip:

By default, isolating objects is only preset for the current session. If you want to hide certain objects over several sessions, you can set this with the command "OBJECTISOLATION MODE" and assign the value 1.

Getting to Know AutoCAD: Selecting Objects

AutoCAD offers a variety of ways to select objects in a drawing. You can select objects in AutoCAD via a window or a lasso. But also the direction plays a role. If you select objects via the selection window, there are two different commands. 

If you select an object with a mouse movement in the left direction, then all objects that intersect the window or are in the selection window are selected (green).

If you move the mouse in the right direction, then you get a blue selection box. Only those objects are which are completely inside of it are selected .
This also applies to the lasso. The blue selection box appears in the clockwise direction, the green one in the clockwise direction.

Discover more in the video below!

Getting to Know AutoCAD: Hyperlinks

In AutoCAD, users are able to place a hyperlink on any object. This allows you to link technical data, web pages, documents, e-mail addresses etc. to any object.

To place a hyperlink:

Select the object
Select the menu " Insert " in the " data " " hyperlink " from
This opens an entry field equivalent to the hyperlink menu of Office.
Enter the desired hyperlink or document and confirm with " OK "

Getting to Know AutoCAD: Web App

AutoCAD. Anywhere. Use AutoCAD online and edit, create, and view CAD drawings in the web browser. This video explains 10 reasons why you should be using the AutoCAD Web App.

Getting to Know AutoCAD: Intuitive Drawing Frames

In this video we investigate the various ways of using block attributes and fields inside of an AutoCAD drawing frame.

Getting to Know AutoCAD: Parametric Blocks

In this video we take you through some of the parametric functions included for AutoCAD blocks.

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