Groundbreaking design without breaking new ground

Workshop/APD maintained lower costs and made fewer errors with full-team visibility, even when they had to be far apart by necessity because of pandemic restrictions. Against the odds, they kept design moving apace on a building echoing and incorporating parts of the post office built on the same spot in 1925.

Workshop/APD used Autodesk solutions to connect its whole team as well as the client in the middle of pandemic restrictions, empowering all parties to share a common vision and create more efficient workflows. Using cloud-based Autodesk solutions was a breakthrough for their process, laying the groundwork for optimizing future projects from start to finish.

  • Architects, engineers, and the client all on the same page
  • Continuity and precision in tough real-world conditions 
  • Fewer mistakes and less wasted material, enabling work completed on time

Create a shared vision and optimized time from design to build with efficient ordering and workflows, in the middle of pandemic restrictions.

“BIM 360 has made it much easier for us to collaborate between MEP engineers, structural engineers, and the client because it provides the tools to visualize the design in a way that they can understand, and they can see it too.” 
Brook Quach, Design Director, Associate, Workshop/APD

New possibilities with cloud-based solutions 

Data-sharing in the cloud and detailed 3D design features enhanced communication and optimized the project’s time frame and materials 

Workshop/APD expanded their use of Autodesk, using Revit more extensively after using AutoCAD regularly in the past. The gains in communication and efficiency were felt immediately, laying the groundwork for improved processes going forward. 

“In this day and age, we would build everything through families in Revit to assure that we’re able to see from different angles and understand that what we’re producing has a level of detail on all sides.” 
Brook Quach, Design Director, Associate, Workshop/APD

Key benefits of data-driven Autodesk solutions 

Increased efficiency through smoother collaboration 
Engineers and all project team members are coordinated and can reduce errors and rework early on 

Winning new business 
Allowing all stakeholders, including the client, to better envision final results helps sell more work and secure more contracts 

Laying the foundation for greater sustainability 
Less waste and more efficient processes creates opportunities for more sustainable construction and development 

“In Revit everything is done automatically. You’re kind of building everything in three-dimensional space which is useful because you then don’t miss any detail. You’re able to look at it from multiple directions.”
Brook Quach, Design Director, Associate, Workshop/APD

“Revit really drives the point of being able to coordinate trades together and being able to look at a project from afar and bring those details together.”
Brook Quach, Design Director, Associate, Workshop/APD